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Fellowship Groups

Open to all: join in!
Happy Woman

Women's Fellowship

2nd Tuesdays at Noon

Meets exclusively on Zoom. Join the lively, wide-ranging, and free-flowing conversation (and eat your lunch if you like). Women's Fellowship is a warm and comfortable opportunity to get to know each another, and a great way to keep up with what is going on at Foothills. Facilitated by Ann Nelson.

Friends Talking

Men's Breakfast

2nd Wednesdays at 8:30 AM

Gather for breakfast with a lively, friendly, and supportive group of men to discuss thought-provoking themes including current local and worldwide events, their impact, and our best response. Meet us at Holder's Country Inn at 134 Main Street in Los Altos. Everyone orders and pays for their own meal on separate checks. Facilitated by Charlie Golden.

Women's Brunch

3rd Mondays at 11:30 AM

Meets in person. Enjoy a lively brunch with Foothills women at a member’s home. The host changes monthly.


Click below to contact Foothills to RSVP and learn details and location.


Circle of Women

4th Mondays at 7 PM

Yearning for a small group of female supporters and confidantes? Circle of Women meets on Zoom to share life's concerns and joys.


Click below to find the event details on our calendar.

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