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A wedding is the celebration of a lasting commitment between two people who make a covenant of abiding love with each other. We look forward to sharing in this sacred and joyous occasion with you. Our minister may be available to officiate at your wedding, recommend another minister for you, or you may use an officiant of your choice. We also offer an organist, photography assistance, and custodial service. For more information, please click below.

Wedding couple
Baby Baptism Ceremony


Baptisms are offered for people of any age when they wish to become a member of the Christian Church. Parents often make this commitment for their infant children. Baptism is the sign of God's acceptance and embrace, and is the ritual signifying one's belonging in the church. The church also promises to love, nurture, and care for you throughout your whole life. Our minister would be happy to discuss the process with you. Click below to learn more.

Memorial Services

We will help you commemorate and honor the person who has passed away and will work closely with you to plan a service that meets your needs. Our minister can help you prepare a memorial service and officiate, recommend another officiant, or you may choose your own. Foothills Congregational Church members may use our facilities at no charge. For non-affiliated families, there are fees for the use of the sanctuary and other services. 

Flower Arrangement
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