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Let's be honest: we want you to join Foothills, and we know you'll be glad you did. And we want it to be the right choice for you. It's both a significant commitment and a simple process to become a member.


As a new member we want you to make meaningful connections with other members and discover how you can work alongside us in serving and loving our neighbor.  We're all on a journey of spiritual discovery, and Foothills is a great community of folks to walk with on that trip.


Joining is simple. Just arrange a visit with our Senior Minister, David Green. We don't require any obedience to doctrines or confessions of faith; only the willingness to be a spiritual seeker and doer of good, wherever you are on life's journey.

Periodically during the year, based on demand, we offer "Foothills 101", a group orientation for new and prospective members. It's not a prerequisite to joining, but good background on who we are and what we do.  Contact us for details.

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