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About us.

Our cause is serving others by building a new kind of faith community where everyone belongs. We welcome all to join us on a spiritual journey of loving our neighbor - just as God loves us.


We believe every person is created and loved unconditionally by God, and all humans possess inherent worth, dignity, and unlimited potential.


We're a community of supportive friends who don’t just talk about doing good. We work for a more just, peaceful, kind, and sustainable world. 


We believe in science, and approach scripture with a modern scholarly perspective. We practice acceptance and we don’t preach dogma. 


With humility we don't claim to know it all. We’re always learning and growing together in faith and understanding. We’re relaxed and have fun.


Regardless of your faith background, age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation of gender identity, you are welcome at Foothills. 


We love without limits, just as God loves everyone. Including you!

Misty Mountains

Our Covenant

We covenant with you, O God, and with one another,

and do bind ourselves in your presence, 

to walk together in all your ways, 

according as you are pleased to reveal yourself to us.

Uplifted Youth

Meet our larger faith family.

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